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About Kevin Taylor

Crimson Peak’s leading negotiation specialist

​Kevin Taylor has over 27 years of experience in the police, working his way through the ranks, from a uniformed officer to Chief Inspector on a large division of Greater Manchester. But it’s in hostage and negotiation situations, when really listening is a matter of life or death, where Kevin thrives.

A graduate from the FBI’s notorious training programme, Kevin went on to become Head of Greater Manchester Police Hostage and Negotiation Team, delivering negotiator response in the most extreme and challenging situations, including kidnaps, barricade sieges, suicide interventions and high risk offenders at large.

As director of the National Kidnap Negotiation Course, Kevin developed and delivered training at a national and international level, including some specialist agencies. Kevin continues to share his expertise, working with charities on suicide intervention training.

Kevin now puts his 30 years of experience to the test, applying the lessons he learned as a police leader and the skills he honed as a hostage negotiator to leadership and client relationship training in corporate communities.

CrimsonPeak Introduction

The session he ran with us was very interactive, engaging and thought-provoking. It provided clear actions that could be taken back to the office and implemented.

Caroline Herz MSc CText ATI, Faculty Curriculum Co-ordinator – Principal Lecturer

What Does Negotiation Have to Do with Business

The answer is elite listening. Imagine a hostage negotiation situation. Your job is to release the hostage. Now, replace the hostage with that contract you’ve been working on, or the new client you’ve been chasing. The same skills are needed, and those skills are built on the foundation of listening, something that’s often overlooked. This training will enable you to motivate, influence and understand others, giving you and your team the ability to build stronger, lasting relationships.

From accountants to solicitors, marketing agencies to universities, Crimson Peak has provided training that:

  • Challenges communication methods
  • Enhances leadership qualities
  • Positively influences others

…in every interaction, every day.

CrimsonPeak The Importance of Listening

​His courses are interactive and challenging forcing you to really think about how you engage with people, and by sharing his own experiences as a hostage negotiator he keeps the class fully engaged.

Kelly Simone, Skills Solutions

​I think we could have had Kevin Taylor all day and still wanted more.

Karan Lee, Divisional Superintendent, GMP Police

He is a brilliant speaker, who captivates the audience with his inspired and motivated talk.

Julie Hodson, Senior Lecturer Fashion Business – MMU

The Packages

There’s not a one-size-fits-all package. By talking to you about your objectives and challenges, we create a tailored program that gets results. It’s training but not as you know it. Some of the services include:

CrimsonPeak The Leadership Programme

Motivational Guest Speaker

Leadership Training

Personal Coaching

Corporate Team Building Days

Conflict Management

Specialist Training in crisis negotiation

Consequence Management

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